Turbo all welded ball valve

No maintenance, easy installation, stable operation, not only can the valve stem be lengthened but also finished by fine grinding. It has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance, the operating handle can be removed, the reversing installation, the valve body is not heavy and unreliable. The casting composition, installation and adjustment are particularly simple and easy to operate.

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Turbine all-welded ball valve features:


  1. No maintenance, easy to install, stable operation


  2. The valve stem can be made not only lengthened but also refined and polished, with excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance.


  3. The operating handle can be removed and reversing.


  4. The valve body does not contain heavy and unreliable casting components.


  5. Installation and adjustment, especially simple and easy to operate.


  Turbine all-welded ball valve ordering instructions:


  Product model, flow medium, diameter, material, etc. need to contact our customer service department to confirm the inventory situation.


  Turbine all welded ball valve offer description:


  1. This product is produced according to the relevant standards, quality three guarantees, the warranty period is ten years. 2. The general quotation does not include 17% VAT, and does not include logistics freight. If you need to report the price including tax, please specify . 3. If you have any questions about the product function description, please call us, we will have some professionals to answer your questions. 4. Due to fluctuations in market raw material prices or supply and demand changes, the price of individual products will change, please quote from our professional sales staff. As for the inconvenience, please understand. For more details, keep an eye on our website.